What is Constellation Labs?

About us
Constellation Labs enables innovative blockchain applications to launch performant and customizable layer-two blockchains.
Blockchains are eating the world: what was once a niche technology built purely to back "digital gold" is now the computational substrate for a plethora of applications: payment rails, digital-native financial products, virtual status symbols, social protocols, games, and more. As more users onboard onto Web3, it is non-viable for all activity to be contained on a few chains.
Our mission is to make on-chain activity fast, easy, and cheap. We want to free developers from the need to make the trade-offs that are inherent to blockchain applications today.


Below is a video of Break Constellation: a demo application that spams a Constellation rollup with transactions. A Constellation chain can handle hundreds of transactions per second without breaking a sweat, with sub-second confirmation times.
A public version of Break Constellation is coming soon...


Curio, a fully-on-chain real-time-strategy game, deployed its alpha on a Constellation blockchain. The game can be played at https://curio.gg and transactions can be seen on the block explorer at https://curio.constellationexplorer.xyz/.